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23756Christmas Cheer.

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  • John E Greig
    Dec 31, 2004
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      Good evening all,

      I am afraid to say that I am suffering from rather a heavy cold and as I do not wish to spread my quality germs to my neighbours I have decide to stay within the house tonight. All be it I am keeping a bottle of Laphoaig company.

      The discussion concerning port was of some interest. Yes, Port does only come from Portugal and the Douro region. All other is classed as a Port "type" beverage.

      Another spanner in the works. Port is not always red. I have beside me an unopenned bottle of "Porto Cruz" white port. I have tried this libation on several occasions in the past and found it to be quite pleasant. Can you buy white port at the LCBO?

      No matter what you are drinking, enjoy and damd the consequences. Have fun tonight and all the best for 2005.

      Squire John

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