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23588Re: Fw: ......." Vive l'Empereur"!!!!

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  • Rick Peterson
    Dec 6, 2004
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      Ya know, I was already working on a response to your inane rant
      before I had even read the last line of your message.
      Instead, I'll save the mud slinging for an offlist chat, perhaps at
      the grand encampment this summer....that is, unless you wish me to
      divulge your "cute lil' nickname" that your mom let slip out a few
      years back :)

      Semper Fi
      Rick P.

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Colin" <usmarine1814@y...> wrote:
      > With all this talk about tyrants I wasn't sure if it was bout
      George III
      > Just an IRISH AMERICAN MARINE'S (fighting for freedom of the seas
      > years after our Year of Liberty) pespective I guess
      > God Bless he Men of '98
      > Free Trade and Sailors Rights
      > Pvt Murphy
      > USS Constitution
      > :) Now I'll hear it
      > C'mon Peterson I'm waiting
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