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23291Re: A Canadian who served in the Seventh US Infantry

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  • nappingcrow
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Hi Colin,

      I'd be very eager to hear more about him, so please do pass along the
      information - perhaps someone will be able to flesh out the story. I
      deserve no credit for sleuthing. Any credit should properly go to
      Heitman, who has provided the bones. I'm working (very slowly)
      toward creating a searchable/indexable database of officers who
      served in the US Army regular infantry regiments during the War of
      1812. Something which would allow a user to pull up all officers who
      served in a given regiment, or during a given period, or calculate
      percentages of officers who rose from the ranks, numbers/percentages
      of officers by birthplace, state or military district, average time
      in grade and so on. This project is only in its infancy, but I've
      run across some interesting entries. (The number of officers killed
      in duels for example.)

      Brian Smith
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