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23274A Canadian who served in the Seventh US Infantry

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  • nappingcrow
    Oct 31, 2004

      I've been poking around alot in Heitman's (US) Army Register
      recently, and running across some interesting entries. It makes me
      wonder about the stories behind the scanty entries, and wish I knew
      more. As this list has such a strong Canadian presence, and members
      who reenact the Seventh US infantry and the US Marines, I thought
      this might be of interest.

      Andrew Ross, born in Canada, joined the US Army and served as a
      Sergeant in the Seventh Infantry (Cottonbalers!) from November 1st
      1809 to May 1813; was promoted to 3rd Lieutenant in the Seventh
      Infantry on 2nd May 1813; promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on 21 Feb 1814;
      and 1st Lieutenant on 9 June, 1814; He resigned on 30th April 1817;
      He then served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps from the
      3rd of March 1821, was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 1st Oct 1824.
      He died on 11 Dec 1836 of wounds received 21 Nov 1836, fighting in
      the battle of Wahoo Swamp Florida against the Seminoles.

      What must his life been like? Entries like this help bring to the
      fore the things that make the history of the period so interesting
      to me. I hope to see that details like this are not completely lost
      to history.

      Brian Smith
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