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22972monahan's coat was Chatham

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  • Larry Lozon
    Oct 3, 2004
      From: "peter monahan" <petemonahan@...>

      (Except Uncle Larry! I'm not talking
      to you until I get my frock coat back!)

      A slight chance I'll be at Missinewa, .......


      Mr. Monahan

      If you do attend along the Mississinewa River please
      note I have traded your coat with a brave ally warrior for
      a good pack mule! :-)

      Unkle Larry

      Ps: Squire John and Lady Eleanor are visiting from the UK
      for a few days and have drank me out of Almond Sherry so
      we have reverted to local Canadian Ales such as Duke
      of Wellington ale and Brick Waterloo dark ........