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  • peter monahan
    Oct 3, 2004
      Greetings (Canadian) listoids

      Sorry for a personal post here but my e-dress book got fried last

      My apologies to any who may have missed me at Chatham. And a big
      raspberry to those who didn't! :) "The best laid plans gang aft
      agley", as that Scots guy said: all set to pack my chariot when real
      life intruded.

      If I owe you money or shoe work, please contact me off list and I'll
      recitify the matter a.s.a.p. (Except Uncle Larry! I'm not talking
      to you until I get my frock coat back!)

      A slight chance I'll be at Missinewa, otherwise, winter well and I
      hope to see you in the spring. Alwats willing to winter work on
      boots: drop off in Alliston,T.O. (the center of the universe)or the
      Christmas show in Hamilton.

      Awra best!
      Peter Monahan, RNR
      705-435-0953 / petemonahan@...
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