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22525Re: [WarOf1812] Re: 1812 Progressive Campaigner

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  • Kevin Windsor
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Well said JP. Those who know have an obligation to teach those who don't.
      If those who don't, won't there is nothing you can do but move on to those
      who do. Mentoring is the way to go in this hobby. I mentor some new
      members of the 89th (as all veterans of the 89th are required to do) and I
      have a mentor as well and he teaches me to be a better officer.
      Share your knowledge. Don't be so old school re-enactor and say "I know
      something you don't know" those days are long gone.


      ----- Original Message -----

      While I applaud your efforts, the "hard-cores" and the rank-and-file
      re-enactors on this list have come to a sort of "entente cordiale" after the
      last flame war that erupted over the subject. By coming along announcing
      and pronouncing, as you have, you are in danger of upsetting this delicate
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