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22522RE: [WarOf1812] facial hair

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  • Peter Catley
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Isn't half pay a Rupert thing? My understanding is that the Pensioners (OR)
      were not on half pay, they were discharged from the Army and became
      Out-Pensioners after an award made by the Medical Board of the Hospital this
      was then surrendered on ceasing to be out-pensioners when they entered the
      hospital. Your question is valid, but as I understand the situation that all
      pensioners kept their badges of rank even though they ceased to carry the
      ranks, so corporals wore two stripes even though they were not corporals in
      the hospital. One can reasonably assume that this would also applied to

      As to whether the In-Pensioners are "in" the Army I am not 100% sure.
      Certainly today I believe thay are are not subject to Queens Regulation and
      my understanding is that in our period they were discharged (that much is
      documented!) before being awarded their pension. It would seem likely
      therefore that they were not subject to the same Army Regulations and would
      have their own Hospital Rules.

      Neither of the paintings by Pyne or Hamilton-Smith show a hairsute
      pensioner, and Hamilton-Smith shows a one legged pensioner :-) I do have a
      picture of an elderly pensioner with a beard but cannot date it precisely,
      the uniform is no later than early Victorian (1840ish?). There continues to
      be the same problem relating to absolutism, the fact that something is not
      documented doesn't mean that it didn't exsist merely that it was not the
      norm. I personally believe that facial hair was more common than the
      purists would have us believe, especially in the case of overseas postings
      such as the Peninsula and Canada.

      However the reality of the situation cannot be proved either way.

      Cheers now.


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      My understanding is that facial hair in British service
      ... could not be worn below a line from the corner of
      the mouth to the earlobe, with the exception of
      pioneers and Chelsea Pensioners.



      If the Chelsea Pensioners in 1812-1815 were in the British Army on
      half pay,
      would they not come under the Army Regulations of shaving every three days?

      I have not seen period images of Chelsea Pensioners with facial hair.

      Those more qualified with the Royal Warrants may want to answer my question.

      For those interested in this matter



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