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22500RE: [WarOf1812] Re: 1812 Progressive Campaigner

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  • Peter Catley
    Sep 1, 2004
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      Careful, this sounds like an absolutism! Pioneers certainly were portrayed
      by Hamilton-Smith with beards :-) and if we have to portray the norm what do
      you recommend for an average age for the Private soldiers in your unit and
      do you have weight limits?

      Still as a pensioner a beard is allowed. I do worry about the lists concern
      that something has always to be documented, I accept that it is often the
      only practical way but please remember that much that went on was not as per
      the regulations sometimes for very practical reasons, sometimes on the whim
      of a Colonel and finally out of necessity because of a shortage. The
      important thing is to remember that all of this is relative and none of us
      were there, not even me! Oh yes, and this is supposed to be FUN!!



      PS. Around here Hardcore is a description applied principally to
      Pornigraphy, as to what that is is another discussion!

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      Another thing that seperates authentics in 18th century and 1812 is
      facial hair! Shave it off - it will not hurt! Facial hair absolutely
      destroys an impression - of course if for some crazy reason it is
      documented to your impression... but in reality shave it off - we
      want to portray the norm.
      Just my two cents worth,

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