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21855Re: [WarOf1812] Light Infantry Drill

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  • craig w
    Jul 4, 2004
      > Grenadier1815@... writes:
      > What Light infantry manual are the Crown Forces using at this time?
      > Some of us down here along the gulf coast are thinknig of doing a
      > light company of the King's Own, and we want to make sure we are on
      > the same page so that we can look smart when we come up north
      > Tres,

      As you are probably aware there are a variety of Brit light infantry
      manuals for this period.
      There are units using the Cooper and some using Campbell.
      Campbell is an advanced system requiring more individual action on the
      soldiers part and is probably the most "up-to-date" at that time.

      Tim"s point about the necessity of any light infantryman to be
      completely fluent in the regular manual and abstract is actually backed
      up in most manuals and should be taken strictly to heart. Know the
      basics before going to the next level. You will be called upon to
      function with other troops which means that you still have to be able
      to march in "ordinary" and wheel left, right or backwards etc.

      Craig Williams
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