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2177RE: Women Riding in Waggons

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  • Larry Lozon
    Aug 4, 1999
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      From: Bob Vogler <bvogler@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 9:49 PM
      Subject: [Revlist] RE: Women Riding in Waggons

      >From: bvogler@... (Bob Vogler)
      >The supervision of women on the march generally fell under the supervision
      >of the provost martial in both the Royal Army and the Rebel Army. They
      >were a source of constant headaches for the PM. There were numerous >orders issued to the effect that the women should walk and not ride in the
      >waggons. The order seemed to be effective as long as the PM or his
      >assistant were about. Wellington had the same problem in his Peninsula
      >"Last would come the baggage train of almost interminable length.
      >Portuguese carts with their solid wheels and a thousand mules or more
      >carried the divisional equipment. With the train came the camp followers,
      >including the soldiers' wives and children, some of foot, the more
      >fortunate on mules or asses, leading pet sheep, goats and dogs. Many of
      >the women wore shabby red coats, the property of former husbands or taken
      >from corpses on the battlefield, beribboned old bonnets that partly covered
      >dishevelled hair, skirts repaired by multi-colored patches, and perhaps,
      >top boots. On their backs, they carried knapsacks, to which babies might
      >be strapped. Children old enough were running beside the carts, hoping for
      >a lift, though to carry passengers was forbidden by General Orders."
      >Godfrey Davies
      >And so it goes,
      >4th Compny. of Gds.
      >RevList - http://www.meridian.com/revlist/
      I thought this was of some interest to the
      girls on our list. And, yes, I did steal it
      from the Rev List! Cause it talks 'bout
      Wellington !