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  • westhouse03
    Jun 3, 2004
      I agree as well, especially if the event is supplying meals. Nothing
      worse than being ill prepared. But many do have the nice fine
      print. If you don't preregister, don't expect a meal.
      On the flip side, to be fair to the coordinators, if you find you
      cannot attend it would be nice to let them know your plans have
      changed so they can adjust their numbers.

      On a side note. Longwoods will be entering the modern age next year
      with on line registration. Many re-enactors coming to Longwoods for
      the first time have stopped by our website saying 'great site, but
      how do I register?' You don't, just show up then register
      then. ? ? ? Huh? We hope to change this for next year. When it is
      up and running, we'll be sure to put up a post so you can try it
      out. Register on line, stop in Friday, sign in, pick up your package
      and set up.

      Dave W.
      Royal Scots.
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