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21629Re: [WarOf1812] Fort Meigs week-end

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  • BritcomHMP@aol.com
    Jun 1, 2004
      In a message dated 5/31/04 9:46:21 AM, ray.hobbs@... writes:

      > His Excellency, General Pickles' horse pooped in the 41st Street, and I
      > wish to assure him it was not
      > taken personally. Our indomitable Pioneer Woods cleaned up the mess without
      > a fuss.

      Merely providing the encampment with free high quality fertilizer for use or
      trade with the locals. Lert it never be said that I don't think of the men's

      I wouls like to thak everyone for the great efforts for a great weekend.
      Colonel Twist did a great job as always, I can honestly say that because of
      his efforts this was the most relaxed event for me in years.
      The last apearance of Sgt Maj Hartwick was a moving experience. But before
      his return to the ranks he did sterling and groundbreaking work. The square with
      drums and mounted staff inside was a first we will all remember.
      The lights did a sterling job with great kudos to the officers and ncos, the
      melding of the Glens and 95th under Steve Allie went particularly well.

      The USA troops under Steve Abolt (also mounted) were, naturaly splendid and
      he and all his officers and men are to be highly commended.

      Literaly 'a great time was had by all' and I for one look forward to the next



      Timothy Pickles
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