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  • Larry Lozon
    Jun 1, 2004

      I apologise for my post of Thu, 27 May 2004, listing only June, July and
      August 1812 Events.

      This gave the impression that the 1812 season was finished at the end of
      August. We all know
      that is far from the truth. I was posting events for the next couple of
      months (Summer Season ONLY)
      so that all would know of 1812 events when they change the page on their
      calendars to June today.
      Thus my statement, "That is this summer"

      May I now respectfully post the

      2004 Crown Forces Events

      July 2-4 Lundy's Lane/Chippawa
      Aug 7-8 Fort Erie

      (the US Forces listed at http://usforces1812.tripod.com
      have been informed of these events and it is hoped they
      are larger than normal events as Crown Forces units
      listed at http://1812crownforces.tripod.com
      have agreed to attend)

      Now the 1812 year in date order

      2004 WAR Of 1812 Events List

      Jan 8-10 Battle of New Orleans, Chalmette, Louisiana
      Jan 17 River Raisin Memorial Monroe, MI

      Feb 14-15 Battle of Ogdensburg NY.

      Mar 6 Living History Conference, London, Ontario
      Mar 27-28 War of 1812 Symposium Jefferson Barracks Missouri.

      April 17 Crown Officer, NCO School - Fort York, Toronto
      April 18 Crown Artillery School - Fort York, Toronto
      April 17 S&F Clothing Conference Fort Meigs Perrysburg, Ohio

      May 1-2 Battle of Longwoods London Ont
      May 1-2 Capture of Havre De Grace, HDG, MD
      May 15-16 Militia Muster - Pine City, Minnesota
      May 15-16 Heritage Days Barrie Ont
      May 29-30 Grand Tactical Ft. Meigs Ohio
      (USA/Crown Forces 1812 North America 'ALL-UP' Event)

      June 4-6 Battle of Stoney Creek Ont
      June 12 1812 School Of The Sailor,Royal Military College, Kingston
      June 11-13 Georgina Pioneer Village, Keswick, Ontario
      June 19-20 Genesee Country Village, Mumford NY
      June 19-20 Battle of Craney Island, Norfolk VA
      June 26-27 Shandy Hall Encampment Geneva, Ohio

      July 2-4 Lundy's Lane/Chippawa Ont
      July 10-11 Crysler's Farm
      July 16-18 Prairie Du Chien ,Wisconsin
      July 23-25 Wasaga under Siege, Wasaga Beach, Ont
      July 31Aug 1 Fort Malden's Military Heritage Time Line

      Aug 7-8 Fort Erie Ont
      Aug 14-15 Battle of Bladensburg, Riversdale, MD
      Aug 28-29 Fanshawe Pioneer Village London Ont

      Sept 11-12 Battle of Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
      Sept 11-12 Battle of Backus Mills Port Rowan,Ont
      Sept 11-12 Napoleonic School of the Soldier, Bedford, PA
      Sept 10-12 Battle of Plattsburgh, NY
      Sept 10-12 Battle of Baltimore, Ft McHenry, Baltimore, MD
      Sept 25-26 Fort Niagara 1812 Weekend, Youngstown NY
      Sept 25-26 Battle of St Leonard's Creek, Mackall, MD

      Oct 2-3 Battle of the Thames, Chatham, Ont.
      Oct 8-10 Mississinewa 1812 Marion Ind.
      Oct 23 1812 Militia Muster, Sully Plantation, Chantilly VA
      Oct 23-24 Fort Osage Militia Muster, Sibley Missouri.

      Dec 4 Historic Merchants' Christmas Gathering Hamilton Ont

      2005 WAR Of 1812 Events List
      Jan 8-9 Chalmette National Park New Orleans
      Jan 22 River Raisin Battle Commemoration Monroe, Mi
      May 7-8 Battle of Longwoods London Ont
      Oct 7-9 Mississinewa 1812 Marion Ind.

      2006 WAR Of 1812 Events List

      Oct 15-17 Mississinewa 1812 Marion Ind.

      ----------------- Fini -----------------

      As the Summer Events were listed on my earlier post
      may I point out the following

      Sept 11-12 Napoleonic School of the Soldier, Bedford, PA
      Sept 25-26 Fort Niagara 1812 Weekend, Youngstown NY

      The Napoleonic School of the Soldier is an event that is
      being held in anticipation of a large Napoleonic Event next
      year at the same site The Old Bedford Village

      American Forces are invited and will act as Dutch/Belgium
      Allies if they attend. A change for them as they will shoot
      'WITH' instead of 'AT' the Crown Forces!

      Contact Ken Hall KHall1207@... for more information
      or to register

      Fort Niagara is an important event to attend this year for two reasons,
      first, the historical site is very re-enactor friendly, is a great place
      to spend the weekend and has been active in many time periods
      particularly 1812.

      Secondly, the site will be crucial in the 2005 Grand Tactical as Doug
      DeCroix and David Webb of Fort George have been in talks to this end.

      This next season is very important as well, Santa will be writing his
      list of naughty or nice re-enactors sooooo.............

      Oct 8-10 Mississinewa 1812 Marion Ind.
      Dec 4 Historic Merchants' Christmas Gathering Hamilton Ont

      will be shopping Mecca's for those good re-enactors.

      I hope this will help all to plan their 1812.

      Listed are the events I have to date. If you have an event date not listed
      do not email this writer, please "REPLY TO ALL" with your event and date
      inserted into the correct list.

      Thanking you in advance for this favour,


      Larry Lozon
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