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21621Re: [WarOf1812] Re: Fort Meigs week-end

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  • Kevin Windsor
    May 31, 2004
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      I would like to also add my thanks to all. Thank you to all of the command
      staff for the US Army and the Crown Forces. The Drums, you are UNIQUE!
      The Fort was great to us, plenty of wood, clean toilets except for the war
      paint in the sink ;-) the museum is first rate. We had seperate
      accomodations for Natives, Artillery, US INF and Crown Forces, and Sutlers
      all in one fort. The only things that I was disappointed in was the number
      of units that were not there. That was a let down to the hobby.
      The artillery was incredible. You know when a tree branch breaks from
      firing a blank that it's a REALLY BIG GUN!!! It was so cool the Grenadiers
      didn't mind getting destroyed by it! We formed a really big square enough
      to fit two horses on top of the usual "soft cookie filling". Though the
      ensuing artillery barrage probably caused the untimely death of the Serjeant
      Major, and there was much...rejoicing...I mean crying and nashing of teeth.
      Good bye RSM you will be missed.
      Saturday evening saw the gala world premier of...veggie tales? and the
      feature film "First Invasion; The War of 1812" Boy did we ever look good!
      The drill was superb, although the 89th still has some penance to work off
      for that gate thing!! The light infantry was huge!!! and I mean in
      numbers!! WOW!
      The Grenadier and Light companies were each the size of a half a company.
      The drum head service was wonderful and I would like to thank Mr Hobbs for
      his hard work.
      I was glad the rain held back until most of the tents were down. Oh BTW way
      Tim how was the cajun bratwurst? Only my cowardice prevented me.

      I was glad to meet some faces since I knew the names. I got to meet the
      PEGGY MATTHEWS!!! It was comforting to know she wasn't just Mike's alter
      ego, but really his other half!! Steve Allie, Dancing Bob, Dave and Sally
      it was a privelage to meet you.

      Again, if you missed it I am truly sorry. The professionalism and true
      respect and friendship that has developed in this hobby was evident by
      seeing red coats, green coats, blue coats, and war paint gathered around
      every fire in every street. We were only enemies in the eyes of the battle

      For those that don't understand this email it could only mean you weren't

      Thank you I appreciated meeting every one of you.
      I remain...

      Kevin Windsor, Capt
      89th Reg't Grenadiers

      p.s. how does the cabbage get chewed anyway?
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