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21612Fort Meigs week-end

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  • ray.hobbs@sympatico.ca
    May 31, 2004
      On behalf of the 41st Regiment of Foot I would like to express my deepest appreciation for an excellent
      week-end at Fort Meigs.
      To the site organizers, the Crown Forces Staff, the US Staff, the regiments present from both side, that
      amazing artillery, the cavalry - and, of course, those excellent fifes and drums who sound wonderful - a
      great Huzzah. I sincerely apologise if any are left off this list.
      His Excellency, General Pickles' horse pooped in the 41st Street, and I wish to assure him it was not
      taken personally. Our indomitable Pioneer Woods cleaned up the mess without a fuss.
      The battle choreography in such a good expanse of ground, with movement of regiments, wings and
      detachments was a thrill.
      All in all a very memorable. A toast to all.
      Ray Hobbs
      CO 41st Regt
      Hamilton, Ontario
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