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2148Re: Regency patterns (long)

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  • John Sek
    Aug 2, 1999
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      Hello all,

      I received an interesting request for help today which I hope someone
      from both sides of the border may have some words for. Many soldiers
      signed up with the promise of receiving a land grant after the war,
      but this leaves some interesting options. Aa soldier is killed on his
      first day of duty. Would his wife, heirs receive his land grant, or
      because he didn't finish the entire term of his enlistment, do they
      get nothing?

      > I was wondering if you might know when the first War of 1812 Pension Law was
      > passed that qualified Widows for a pension for their deceased husband's
      > service in the War of 1812. I am researching a War of 1812 Veteran that died
      > in service and wondered if his wife would have received any kind of pension.

      I'll pass on whatever anyone can contribute.


      John Sek


      The Siege of Fort Erie - War of 1812 http://www.iaw.com/~jsek
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