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21173Re: Item of interest regarding vodka

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  • debsfuller
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "J.Bruce Whittaker" <ortheris@r...>

      > They just use a vapouriser type sprayer and spray the smelly
      garment with vodka. So if you have a garment that you can't wash or
      dry clean often perhaps the Stratford vodka spray system may be just
      the thing. I know it seems a waste of alcohol but it is only vodka
      after all not 12 year old single malt Scotch.

      Hehehe, that trick has been known for years in the theater world.
      Another product if you don't want to sacrifice your vodka is
      called "Fresh Again". It works better than Frebreeze, which IMHO,
      doesn't do a darn thing.

      I don't like the Dryel brand drying cleaning stuff because of the
      heavy perfumes. You can sometimes find another brand which is
      unscented or not as scented which works just as well and doesn't
      leave a heavy odor. But I'd also follow up with the vodka or fresh
      again around the underarms and collar area.

      Surprisingly, I have found that natural fabrics don't get nearly as
      smelly and wash out cleaner than the new microfiber coolmax type
      fabrics that are out there. I have a few microfiber shirts that I got
      for sailing and it doesn't matter how much deodorant I use, as soon
      as I start sweating, I feel rank. But if I have on cotton t-shirts, I
      feel fine. I use them all the time at the barn during the Summer and
      get really grubby but never feel stinky. (Of course, sweaty horses
      might be masking how bad I really smell too. ;)

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