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  • suthren@magma.ca
    Feb 1, 2004
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      Another log on the fire about M&C's accuracy. A British historical colleague
      surprisingly observed to me that in his opinion M&C displays, from his point
      of view, not a British warship's society but a unrestrained, Aussie
      jolly-cobbers-together atmosphere, and Diggers trying to portray Brits but
      failing; that Patrick O'Brian's writing is very nice, but all Celtic
      convolutions (even though "O'Brian" was of Anglo-German background) and
      romantic, self-conscious preciousness; but that if one wants to sense what
      it was like in an accurately ENGLISH warship---including the sense of iron
      self-discipline, restraint and reserve---one still can't beat Forester and
      the Hornblower books. That same sense of deep restraint---a quality very
      difficult for us colonials to portray accurately and with proper balance,
      I'd agree---so idiosyncratic of the British during and since the Georgian
      era was in, for example, 'Pride and Prejudice', with Colin Firth and
      Jennifer Ehle. Too bad M&C hadn't been made by those producers or by
      Marchant & Ivory. Perhaps the best people to make films about Brits are

      What say you, mates?

      Yours aye
      Vic Suthren

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      > In a message dated 2/1/04 6:52:57 AM, suthren@... writes:
      > > that adds to the "so near, and yet so
      > > far..." feeling I and others have about the film.
      > >
      > Another thing I thought I heard (and I might be mistaken) during his anti
      > Napoleon 'pep talk' did he say "do you want to see a guillotine set up in
      > Trafalgar Square"?
      > I know I did a serious mental double take but I later thought 'naaaa, he
      > couldn't have said that'!
      > Cheers
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