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  • Larry Lozon
    Dec 2, 2003
      From: "Michael Mathews" <ciefranche21e@...>

      Though started by me somewhat tongue in cheek.......
      ... they could always remake "The Buccaneer."

      From: "Tim" <BritcomHMP@...>

      ... New Orleans would make a good subject. The problem would be
      getting the writers away from 'white hat, black hat' simplification and
      having to portray the Brits as EEeeeeevillllll (as per The Patriot)....


      Michael, great thread! with a lot of good ideas posted


      I have to agree with our learned film professional.

      New Orleans (Chalmette {Buccaneer}) would be a money maker for
      the film industry.

      ~ A definite sell for the American market

      ~ A romantic setting and a good sell for the World market

      ~ Naval actions, Indians, Black Troops, Spies, Pirates, etc.

      Movie Makers want to make money and have no interest in history,
      so Nawlins' is my vote as well. They would make it an action flick and
      with an American victory it will be a money maker.

      (There are more people living in New York City than in Canada :-)
      so a USA focused film will make them more $$$$$$
      Films are all made to make a profit !!)

      Jest being realistic, sorry .......

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