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  • Larry Lozon
    Oct 28, 2003
      From: "yawors1" <yawors1@...>

      larry gets up early - 6.05 am!!!


      Your Lordship

      I believe you have adjusted your chronometer incorrect for Daylight
      Savings Tyme!?!?

      As I posted at 9:00a.m. ... of course that was not in Windsor and not in the
      hallowed halls
      of extended learning.

      Why is it the higher you go in the education system (University of Windsor,
      of Guelph, Wilfred Laurier University, etc.) the worse the computers get

      ...any way the "SPAM" thingie has been taken care of ... now for more
      "BALONEY"! :^)

      Unkle Larry
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