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19150Re: Fort Niagara - St. Leonard's Creek

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  • westhouse03
    Oct 1, 2003
      > For the last two years or so we have asked for an 1812 tactical
      > with opposing lines and they have agreed. Now if we do not
      > attend ..... it will be cancelled.

      Just another thought here as well. I will mention this to the fort
      staff as well.

      The event at Fort Niagara needs to be expanded to include the
      campfollowers and the sutlers. Give them a reason to come as well
      and the soldiers will show in greater numbers. Yes it is about the
      soldiers but if the campfollowers (our wives and children) are bored
      and have absolutely nothing to do, they will not want to go. That is
      one reason I did not attend this year.

      On the soldier side, and this is just my opinion, the soldier needs
      to be utilized more. This does not mean all will not get a moments
      rest but there should be guards at the main door all the time, guards
      doing walks on the walls, at the cannon and so forth. More a working
      facility, pay masters handing out pay, etc. Guard duty could be as
      short as 15 minutes.

      Last year we sat around much of the time waiting for something to do.
      Being eager as I was and a keener, I was new, I went and patrolled
      the walls on my own. The Seargent Major asked 'Who's the guy up on
      the wall'? 'That's the new guy' 'Oh, good for him'.

      As far as moving the event, watch out for the first weekend in
      October, Chatham. It's getting busier every year. Sometimes it will
      take a choice, this one this year, that one the next. Wait 'til we
      get very close to 2012 see how hard it will be then.

      Just a Privates opinion.
      And being a slovenly uneducated type of pond scum soldier that I am,
      take it for what it's worth.

      Dave W.
      Royal Scots, 1st Regiment
      London, Ontario
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