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19133Re: [WarOf1812] Fort Niagara - St. Leonard's Creek

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  • Ed Seufert
    Sep 30, 2003
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      First let me say thanks to all who made the trip to Jeff-Patt this year. A special thanks to Mr Everett and Mr Feltoe for some well-needed drill bashing for us poor webfoots.

      This was Jeff-Patt's 6th year. For the first two years, 1998 and 1999, the event was held in late-June and mid-July, respectively, close to the actual anniversary of the actions that took place there. Due to the extreme heat and humidity of Maryland summers, it was decided to move the event to another date for both the sake of the re-enactors and the public. (For those who made the trip, saturday was a cooler example of what our weather can be like. Some of Ross's men died from heat stroke in his advance to Washington in August 1814! In the July 99 event, a third of the re-enactors had to pack it in.)

      We've had the event on the last weekend of September for the last four years. For whatever reason (and this is being researched), we had a much smaller crowd than normal this year. A local county fair and hurricane Isabel, resulting in rescheduled events, may have been the culprits. The park staff is already reviewing what possible dates would cause additional conflicts for both the re-enactors and public and how it would affect the Park schedule.

      The park staff understands the concerns of the 1812 community and discussions between them and the re-enactment community are already under way.


      Ed Seufert, LCpl
      1812 Royal Marines
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      From: "Ross Flowers" <drums1812@...>

      Any chance it could be organized next year so that it doesn't
      conflict with the long standing event at Fort Niagara?

      May I add to the observations of Brother Drum Major Ross

      Fort Niagara is close to almost everyone in the Great Lakes basin,
      they supply housing, they supply food and do a great job of
      informing USA & Canadian Customs Departments of their
      activities to make it easy for us to cross the border without a hassle,
      traffic not withstanding.
      For the last two years or so we have asked for an 1812 tactical
      with opposing lines and they have agreed. Now if we do not
      attend ..... it will be cancelled. They cater to many time periods and
      our is the smallest so perhaps our friends in Maryland will consider
      this in '04.

      food for thot ...........

      I guess I liken it to our Sutlers, we love to attend events where they
      are but if we don't buy from them and support them they will quit
      the business so .......

      more food for thot



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