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18954Re: [WarOf1812] introduction

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  • dancingbobd@webtv.net
    Sep 12, 2003
      Hi Frank,

      I would recommend that you come and visit the Militia Muster at Ft.
      Osage on October 18th & 19th. Fort Osage is located 25 miles east of
      Kansas City, MO. There are usually several riflemen from Ft. Atkinson
      which is 15 miles north of Omaha, NE. They are using the Mod. 1803
      Harpers Ferry rifle. During the war there were also contract rifles in
      the system from the 1792 & 1807 contracts. I am not aware that any of
      the US Rifle Reg't. units use these. There is a good book available
      covering the US Rifle Reg't. in the War of 1812 but I don't own it and
      can't supply the name or author.

      The common uniform seen is a green hunting frock with yellow fringe,
      white narrow fall trousers with black gaiters, brogans and the tombstone
      shako. This description is quite general and I would recommend that you
      get the book before you purchase linen and start sewing.

      I have also addressed this to Earley Smith of the Ft. Atkinson Rifle
      Reg't. who has all of the information available. Lloyd Gower is on the
      list and is also quite knowledgeable. Hope you can make it up to Ft.
      Osage as it will give you a chance to see the actual uniforms.


      Bob Dorian
      US Surgeon
      Independence, MO
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