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  • Gord_1812
    Aug 30, 2003
      Flame on eh Larry?

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Lozon" <lalozon@n...> wrote:
      > From: "Robert R. White, Esq." <whiteesq@y...>
      > Mr. Moderator - do you really think that "newbees" to the list will
      > through what my computer shows to be an archive of 18,868 entries to
      > find a simple answer to a question
      > If you have the info why not just share it?
      Ya why not? A quick replay of a previously posted reply usualy is
      faster that a page long flame job.

      > ---------
      > Pvt. White,
      > I assume you are addressing me as I posted the email you refer to.
      > I am NOT Mr. Moderator rather Mr. "ASSISTANT" Moderator.
      > As for archive of 18,868 entries I do believe there is a search
      engine to
      > ferret out a topic.
      Give it a try it's not very user friendly and the newbies to using a
      group probally will find it even harder to use.

      > and finally I do believe as the description of this group states:
      > " forum for discussion of all aspects of the War of 1812-14 ....
      > this list is primarily designed to facilitate easy communications
      > RE-ENACTORS"

      Read above line. RE: easy communications
      > If research is required I must state that this list is very good at
      > even tho some Subscribers who share their knowledge are professional
      > researchers who do charge for their expertise. But give it freely
      on this
      > group ... I believe that is called "working for nothing" which most
      > us do not do ..........
      Actually we all do at events. (sure we love it but it's still work)

      > I do believe the original emails I responded to were actually
      > that they didn't want an Umbrella Group and they were not going to
      > drink their Coke out of a period vessel if they did not want to and
      > asking a question was not allowed on this list

      Better re-read those messages. (try the search to find them) Seem to
      me you got a few messages mixed up and (Like the Star) are miss

      > Those of us on this list for a while also know that the wealth of
      > contained within this list's subscribers supersedes any research
      library on
      > the
      > planet.


      > A little work by one who wants a question answered is a small price
      to pay
      > for the answers found at the list web site archives.

      Gee we answer the same stupid question twenty times a day (at events)
      about how hot our costumes are maybe we should just have cards with
      this groups address and tell Joe Public to do a search.

      > And as my 2 cents cannot be compared to your USA currency
      > (1 Canadian Dollar = 0.72171 US Dollar)
      > I of course bow to your wisdom, and agree,
      > who the hell do I think I am to think that "newbees" to the list
      will look
      > in the archive to find a simple answer to a question, when all they
      have to
      > do is ask on the list .............
      Gee list = Ask question = answer.
      I suggest that if you see a question that has been posted just don't
      reply rather than flame a potential asset to the group.

      > Without prejudice or tact,

      I agree with the second part in this case.
      Gord (not from Maryland)
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