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  • Mike Varty
    Aug 3 12:34 PM
      p.s this is the same crowd that likes to charge people from between
      buildings with a loaded musket. I was told by a person at that event with
      lots of experience. that they where charged at with a fully loaded musket
      and if he hadn't deflected it with his musket to make it above his head it
      would have gone of in his face! suggestion lose the flash guards and teach
      more safety. as we do in the 1812 units!

      Message: 24
      Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 09:42:43 EDT
      From: BritcomHMP@...
      Subject: Re: Re: flashguards

      In a message dated 8/1/2003 11:31:36 PM Central Daylight Time,
      gord_1812@... writes:

      > Yes Rev war events seem to really push the flash guard and hammer
      > stalls.

      Yes of course they do, they invented them to try to make using a musket safe
      for people who were either scared of the weapon or to lazy to get it right.

      But like some have said. "That's what they did." There are

      > some reports of the military trying out flash guards but it didn't
      > catch on. in The 1800's so why does the rev war crowd put them?
      > And is there actually documentation on hammer stalls?

      No, it is not what they did. There are limited reports of such devices being
      used on unserviceable weapon that could not be replaced. Flashguards on ones
      where the touch hole had become over enlarged and hammerstalls where the
      cock was not operating properly.

      There were some experiments with the 'self priming' lock that the Prussians
      had developed but of course the flashguard was cast integral with the lock.
      you rightly say they were never introduced into service.

      They are only in use today because the Rev War people introduced them for
      their bicentennial!



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