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18274Re: [WarOf1812] Re: spam stopper.

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  • Susan Spencer McLean
    Jul 2, 2003
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      Terry Lubka wrote:

      I'm sorry to say this but by displaying all those email addresses of all the
      unit representatives plus the brigade command you are leaving all those
      people open to get tons of SPAM. No not the canned lunch meat. The
      unsolicited email . . .


      There is a wonderful piece of software called "Troll Trapper" that you
      can get -- it uses a little java script that scrambles the e-mail
      addresses on websites before they are uploaded so that spambots don't
      see the addresses, yet they appear in their proper formats, can be cut
      and pasted as necessary, and can work as "mailto" forms for the average
      (non-spammer) user.

      Check Google for the Troll Trapper website (I am in the midst of a major
      download at the moment or I would have done so before posting this) -- I
      am under the impression that this is freeware.

      -- Sioux
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