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18072Re: [WarOf1812] Ft. George

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  • David Webb
    Jun 11 3:43 PM
      Hello Sioux,
      I don't think you were at Fort George last summer, but we cut a gate in
      the palisade between the battlefield and the fort. This made it possible
      for the public to see the battle, and then move directly into the fort with
      ease. This meant that most of those who came for battles returned by the
      fort, or went there first. The gates were never closed.
      If you are outside the fort, there are two shaded areas that might work
      out--- The first choice is in front of the visitor centre, where you would
      catch most of the visitors going into the fort when the battles are not
      raging, and you would be near Wolf's group. The second choice would be
      farther west of this area, nearer the field parking area. This would be
      farther from the fort, but would get the crowd just coming for the
      battle. I sort of prefer the first spot since this would give you better
      shade, and ground, and you will get visitors coming and going. People
      rushing to the battle might not stop to look at your products.
      We place a commissionaire in the parking lot, and this should help with
      security. I have staff who stay over all night, and they also are available.
      Is there a sutler nearby who could walk the ground? I am happy to meet
      someone to do this, and there might be a better location. I can buy lunch.

      On another note, mailings just went out. If you do not get this by next
      week, please let me know, and we will send one out to you. I can send the
      registration form to anyone who wishes this also, as a word
      attachment. That way you do not have to pay postage.
      Dave Webb

      At 08:23 AM 09/06/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >David Webb wrote:
      > >--Sutlers to relocate outside the fort to a shaded area? This was
      > >suggested last year, and I am certainly open to this, but we will need to
      > >map out a suitable location. Security might be a bit of a concern.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      >Yes, please -- this came up in several discussions over this past
      >weekend. In general, the sutlers have missed the bulk of the people who
      >turn up for the battles because they're outside the fort and we're
      >inside (sometimes locked in). Being somewhere that they can easily
      >access us before and after the battle would be most appreciated.
      >Of course, there are two other concerns for us -- we don't want to be so
      >far away from the re-enactors that they don't come to visit (witness the
      >first Battle of Georgian Bay), and as you point out, there is a security
      >issue after hours. I'm not sure how to address either of these -- is
      >there perhaps a spot that's in good view and easy access on the road
      >side of the fort, while being not too far a walk from the camps? Could
      >your security folk perhaps add a loop to their evening rounds while
      >we're there?
      >-- Sioux
      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of
      >square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS
      >of square miles...
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