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  • Tracy
    Jun 5, 2003
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      Hi David and other event planners

      Tall grass vs short grass; here is my opinion SHORT grass I wrote
      before how long grass takes away from the devestation of the death
      and injured of the battles because from the sidelines after a soldier
      falls down we can't see them laying there.

      However on a health note since we have West Nile in Ontario and we
      are having a very wet spring as well as other health worries tourists
      and the specators are staying home and staying out of areas that
      would put them at risk of getting what ever the news says is ailing
      us that day! so standing in a field of long grass that could have
      either Ticks( which I heard this year is a bad year for them also)or
      mosquitoes will only bring floundering attendence numbers down even
      I as a dedicated spectator prefer grass that is short with the
      present mosquito problem......Last year we had West Nile but now we
      hear about it all the time.
      I am not a whimp I spent the last three weekends camping with Cubs in
      tents in the rain ,.I am concerned about the low attendence of the
      historical museums in the Niagara Area .

      To David
      A FARB fashion show would be alot of fun as well as activities for
      kids between the battles.Making Candy cartridges always goes over
      PS spectators don't really notice that the cut grass is not athentic
      and it is also less attractive for mosquitos.Back then there was
      swamp fever from mosquitos i don't think any spector would want it to
      be that athentic!

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, David Webb <alderweb@v...> wrote:
      . Anyone who has
      > ideas, suggestions, comments, should feel free to let me know what
      > would like to see changed. So far the suggestions include:
      > --Raw food/rations in lieu of lunches/breakfast. How do people feel
      about this?
      > --Tall grass vs short grass for battlefield. How about something
      > between? Locations of battles?
      > --Sutlers to relocate outside the fort to a shaded area? This was
      > suggested last year, and I am certainly open to this, but we will
      need to
      > map out a suitable location. Security might be a bit of a concern.
      > --Access to our kitchen: This can and has been done in the past,
      but for
      > safety and liability reasons I have to have a staff person there
      > --Blacksmith Shop: Same as the kitchen.
      > --This winter there was a discussion regarding more
      > activities and involvement at events. We have used the Officer's
      > hall and the shaded front fenced areas as demonstration/display
      areas in
      > the past, and could easily schedule some additional activities
      > battles. How about a fashion show not just with soldiers? A
      > contest where the public would have to spot the inaccuracies/modern
      > intrusions? Any people/groups that want to pursue something should
      get in
      > touch.
      > --David Webb (905) 468-6612 or David.Webb@p...
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