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  • David Webb
    Jun 4, 2003
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      Hello John and list,
      This is just to assure everyone that the Fort George event is still a
      go, and information packages will be mailed this week. Ron Dale should
      have some at Stoney Creek this weekend. We are late with these and I
      apologize to all.
      This has been a very different and somewhat difficult year for us, and I
      am sure for many heritage institutions. Internally, we have been going
      through something scary and difficult called a "sustainable business plan,"
      and pretty much everything we do was on the table until fairly
      recently. We have had a real battle to keep our operating season, our
      staff, our programmes and our events. It is pretty tough when people are
      saying things like, "Wouldn't Fort George be better as a ruins experience?"
      and "We want to see you bleed too!" It has been especially tough on the
      staff who have worked so hard to deliver educational programmes, such as
      the our sleepover and day programmes. This has consumed a lot of energy
      and some of the decisions and comments have been taken pretty hard. We
      will have to review all of this again in the Fall.
      The good news is that our event is on, and we will be able to provide
      meals on Saturday and Sunday as in the past. Also, as in the past there
      will be no fee charged for sutlers, who are very welcome. Anyone who has
      ideas, suggestions, comments, should feel free to let me know what you
      would like to see changed. So far the suggestions include:
      --Raw food/rations in lieu of lunches/breakfast. How do people feel about this?
      --Tall grass vs short grass for battlefield. How about something in
      between? Locations of battles?
      --Sutlers to relocate outside the fort to a shaded area? This was
      suggested last year, and I am certainly open to this, but we will need to
      map out a suitable location. Security might be a bit of a concern.
      --Access to our kitchen: This can and has been done in the past, but for
      safety and liability reasons I have to have a staff person there too.
      --Blacksmith Shop: Same as the kitchen.
      --This winter there was a discussion regarding more civilian/distaff
      activities and involvement at events. We have used the Officer's Quarters
      hall and the shaded front fenced areas as demonstration/display areas in
      the past, and could easily schedule some additional activities between
      battles. How about a fashion show not just with soldiers? A Farb
      contest where the public would have to spot the inaccuracies/modern
      intrusions? Any people/groups that want to pursue something should get in

      --David Webb (905) 468-6612 or David.Webb@...

      -- At 09:33 PM 03/06/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >Okay, I asked last week and I'm going to ask again . Does anyone have any
      >info on the "alleged" event at Ft. George for this year? I know it's on
      >the listing, BUT , is there any hard copy out there ? Once again, did I
      >miss something in the mail? Is this just a wish amongst us? Does anyone
      >know anything at all?? Am I just being a A-hole about this? Please any
      >info by anyone would be appreciated . It's getting to the point where some
      >of us won't be able to make it because we have to book time of work .
      >If I am persona-non-grata , then I thank you for your time. BUT , without
      >any confirmed information, the US line will be VERY small ( worse than
      >usual ) .
      >Thank you for your time
      >John Harris
      >25th US Whiting's Company
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      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of
      >square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS
      >of square miles...
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