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17625Re: 1812 Events List

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  • Deb Fuller
    May 1, 2003
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Lozon" <lalozon@n...> wrote:

      > Methinks then that "Deb Fuller" <debsfuller@y...> et all
      > should not send to me on me private "E":
      > events,
      > birthdays,
      > anniversaries,
      > last payment on the refrigerator days,
      > boat launching days
      > or
      > public hanging days
      > if they do not want it on the 1812 Yahoo Group.

      Larry, I kind of take offense to this as it was an honest mistake and
      feel like I'm being flogged for it.

      Reading back, I finally figured out why I had YOUR orginal message to
      ME personally, asking about the date so you can put it on the

      People from the site in Pasadena, MD want to form an 1812 calvary
      unit and had asked me to see if there were an 1812 cav units and if
      any were willing to come to the event. Larry, who graciously gave me
      the names and contacts of the 1812 cav untis, send me a message about
      putting the event on the calendar since I had asked about cav units

      So technically, the event SHOULD be on the calendar but with a note
      that it's for Cav units ONLY as it is a small, first time event on
      the site.

      Again, apologies. I should have responded to the message a month ago
      when I got it so it would have been next to the inquiry of the 1812
      cav units and thus in context.

      Deb - just trying to pass a message along...
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