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17470Re: How The US Army Divisions Are Numbered?

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  • ebclemson
    Apr 7, 2003
      Steve and Tim,

      No disagreement here. However, the "Official" U.S. Army Lingeage book, that you can purchase at U.S. Government book stores today, will State that the Third Infantry "official" lineage is from the 1st Infantry, and so on and so on. Each Battalion of the 3rd for example, traces exactly back to each company of the 1815 regiment. Company A, B, C, etc. The pre-1815 army did not have Letter company designations, each company was known for their Captain.

      I agree that the Army Lineage takes credit from the Pre-War regiment and the pre-war regiments that were consolidated into the Post war regiment. The regiments were assigned to the senoirity of the Col. commanding. Thus the Senoir Col. received the Post War 1st Infy., the next senoir the 2nd, and so on.

      The Third Infantry today traces their history to the formation of the "First American regiment".

      I personally agree that the regiment is the regiment is the regiment. "Have your Cake and eat it to." Yep, must be an Army Motto!

      Steve, received our new First Infantry Regimental Color and it is terrific! Can't wait to honor it in the company of the 7th's Regimental & Standard!

      Will we see you in April?

      Your Pard, Dave Bennett 1st Infy. & Missouri Rangers.

      Abolt <sacbg7@y...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > This is precisely what the Army came to conclude in
      > 1923. It is this point that the article in the
      > "Infantry Journal" discusses. Yet the bizarre thing of
      > it all, when tracing the official lineage as provided
      > by today's DOD, they list it as 1812 and its lineage
      > as a company of the 8th INF. Basically they are
      > trying to "have their cake and eat it too."
      > At present the lineage is so disjointed the Army has
      > just decided to leave well enough alone. TX National
      > Guard Units run into the same problem.
      > Throughout its 19th century history the 7th INF
      > celebrated its role in the Battle of New Orleans. Even
      > today, on every January 8th there is a formal change
      > of command ceremony.
      > We were honored to have them at Chalmette as a
      > co-Color guard on two occasions. For the last three
      > years, due to the current world situation they have
      > not been able to attend.
      > I recently acquired two interesting bits of the
      > regiment's past, both mentioning their annual trooping
      > of the Colors and one small note about "The same
      > ceremony in use for the last 100 years." This note is
      > dated 1915. However, I have yet to find out exactly
      > what that ceremony is or was, as no one in the active
      > duty Battalions has any knowledge of it.
      > I am also currently trying to obtain copies of the
      > original daybooks for the 1820-40 time period to see
      > what, if anything is listed for the 8th of January.
      > All the best,
      > S.
      > --- BritcomHMP@a... wrote:
      > >
      > > I think this is a crucial point. Does the regiment
      > > have an existence of its
      > > own or not? The fact that all the men in a
      > > particular regiment get moved to
      > > others does not mean that a regiment looses its
      > > history as long as it
      > > continues to exist. On the other hand if a regiment
      > > has been abolished then
      > > for any other to claim its honours is rather like
      > > wearing someone else's
      > > medals. That said of course a regiment can be
      > > re-raised.
      > >
      > > Cheers
      > >
      > > Tim
      > >
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