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17410OT: SARS

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  • Five Rivers
    Mar 30, 2003
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      My apologies to the list for the off topic subject; however, in the
      interest of caution and responsbile actions I have to notify as many people
      as possible that Gary and I have been in contact with people who MAY have
      been exposed to the SARS virus and who are now in quarantine. They are
      exhibiting NO signs of SARS. It has as of today, March 30, been seven days
      since we have been in contact with the persons. We are exhbiting NO signs of
      SARS. It is unlikely that either the persons with whom we had contact, or
      ourselves, are going to fall ill with the illness. Given the fact, however,
      yesterday we were at the Living History Conference in St. Thomas, Ontario,
      it is only prudent we notify people. Information about SARS can be had
      through the Health Canada website at:
      http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/index.html or by calling: 1-800-454-8302.

      This is nothing to panic about. I am only posting in the interest of
      caution and prevention of possible spread of the illness.

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