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17314Re: [WarOf1812] GlennGary Light Infantry

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  • Craig Williams
    Mar 11, 2003
      An addendum to my previous posting...

      > As per the 95th;
      > The tunic is of rifle green faced with black,

      The cut of which is that of the regular infantry except that it is not fully
      lined in the body, (just panels in the same green behind the buttons), and
      the sleeved were to be lined. There is no mention of turnbacks.

      > Boots, gaiters and stockings were issued and interestingly the greatcoat was
      > given to the recruit as part of his enlistment, (if the recruiting broadside
      > is to be believed!!).

      The Greatcoat was ,in the regular army, issued as required by the regiment
      and was property of the same, not the individual.

      > I hope this helps you, but I fear it may have opened the "Box"!

      Now ducking into my trench...

      > Tuppence
      > Craig Williams
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