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  • ebclemson <ebclemson@webtv.net>
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Many months ago there was a thread regarding if in the U.States Army Bed sacks were provided to soldiers.

      I've recently was going through papers I have collected over the years and found the following in the Fort Belle Fontaine Orderly book. Fort Belle Fontaine was located on the Missouri River just North of St. Louis Missouri. The 1st Infantry and a company of artillery were posted there.

      A notation was written in the book dated June 13, 1809 regarding the court martial of Captain Isaiah Doane who was on the East Coast.

      "For Making out a false Contingent account against Government, charging Bed Sacks which his soldiers had paid for."

      There was also a cantonement order for June 27 1810...."All the Public Blankets, Beds and sheets for the hospital that may be in possesion of the Comanding officer of Companys must be immediately deivered to Doctor Saugrain, Surg. Mate."

      Apparently, at least before the war started, the custom was that the men provided for their own Bed Sacks, but they were issued to Hospitals. It also appears that the "Hospital store" were sometimes "obtained" by the men.



      Dave Bennett
      1st Infantry & Missouri Rangers.