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16776Re: 1812 stroller

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  • Tracy <tracyforsyth@hotmail.com>
    Jan 2, 2003
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      Very well put and made my day got a few laughs from this one..I would
      like to see such creatures at a re enactment would be verrry
      > Bro Larry,
      > allowed at BB/CL/BAR events they are not, yet, turn up (along with
      > beards....)they still do. The usual excuse is that if the woman
      > wasn't allowed to bring along the modern stroller/pram/buggie for
      > sprogs, said man would not have been allowed to participate for the
      > weekend. "She Who Must Be Obeyed", and all that...
      > I've learned in this hobby to turn a blind eye to what the ....
      > everybody else is doing and, instead, just concentrate on my own
      > unit. Frankly, if others outside the group want to deck themselves
      > out in muu-muus made of Tim Horton mugs and carry their babies
      > in modern haybales on garbage can lid wheels, with pizza boxes for
      > sunshades, I'm long past caring. My idea of fun at a reenactment is
      > not chug-a-lugging Maalox, fuming over somebody else's foibles.
      > is too short.
      > Besides, they wouldn't listen anyway.
      > RF
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