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  • celer_et_audax_7_60th <fullerfamily@spri
    Jan 2, 2003
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Larry Lozon" <lalozon@n...> wrote:
      > From: <fullerfamily@s...>
      > RF: allowed at BB/CL/BAR events they are not, yet, turn up (along
      > beards....)they still do.
      > LL: and we both know that in the British camp they are told not to
      use them
      > as at Saratoga
      > ________________

      Grandmaster Lar,

      that is true- I did not see any at Saratoga. Of course, the muddy,
      hilly terrain, and the "good Scottish weather" as my wife termed it
      there, didn't exactly lend itself to, er, prams :^)... But I have
      seen it in years past: Rock Ford, 1998; Boone's Farm, 1999; Ft Lee,
      NJ, 1998. I still see it at local AWI events here in the Boston area,
      but it's mostly from ....ah, why bother mentioning names and units...

      > RF: The usual excuse is that if the woman wasn't allowed to bring
      along the
      > modern stroller/pram/buggie for the sprogs, said man would not
      have been
      > allowed to participate for the weekend. "She Who Must Be Obeyed",
      > all that...
      > LL: I never had this problem with a wife, so it seems a domestic
      problem and
      > not a re-enactment problem.

      Then the CO and membership of said unit should have already had rules
      in place about that sort of thing, in order to avoid potential
      disagreements. And enforce them.

      Of course, if the unit and hosts don't care, the only thing one can
      do is vote with one's feet.

      > ____________
      > RF: I've learned in this hobby to turn a blind eye to what the ....
      > everybody else is doing and, instead, just concentrate on my own
      > unit.
      > LL: Maybe it is time to tell those it is not fair for the likes of
      the guy
      > who
      > buys superfine material, has a real historic tailor sew his clothes
      > tries
      > to do it correctly to have a lady with an aluminium lawn chair park
      > his wedge. (it happened and she was told to move over to the modern
      > _______________

      Well, you're right, it isn't fair, but certain people just frankly
      don't give a you-know-what about that sort of thing. I've got to the
      point where I just ignore this stuff, otherwise I'd end up in the
      rubber room...:^)

      > LL: I have seen you in multi time periods and know you do it far
      better than
      > most.

      Larry, you have no idea how much of our kit we have chucked, once we
      learned hitherto unknown info. We have had to unlearn and
      remake/resew/replace much, believe me.

      > So it may be time to tell those who don't ...... how to.

      I am not going to go up to people and tell them, unbidden, what I
      think they are doing wrong. For their particular impression, I might
      not know enough to comment one way or the other, anyway. Besides,
      suddenly caught on the defensive, who is going to listen, in such an

      > Possibly it time to uphold the "if it ain't 1812 don't bring it"
      > It is only for two days.
      > A good resolution for 2003 ....?!?!?

      Well, it would be nice if people did that, indeed. One can only hope
      and pray....


      Who carries a Tim Horton mug - in his car :^)
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