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  • R Feltoe
    Dec 31, 2002
      Dear List,

      Happy New Year to All!

      Here is some datum from the "olde files" that relate to the question of straw / hay and bedding.

      As a has already been put up, straw was the bedding stuffing of choice. Whilst in barracks, the troops slept on stuffed palliases that were the official property of the Barrack Dept. As a unit moved on, these items had to be accounted for in the official registers of Barrack supplies and paid for if any were found missing.

      In an 1813 Regulations for Barracks, the official accounts allowed 3d (pence) per palliasse for washing 'once a quarter'. In addition, sheets were listed as 3d per pair, once a month; while blankets and rugs came in at 3d each, once a year.

      in January 1814, a list of stores shipped to Canada for the barrack Dept included:

      Rugs, Green-knotted 18,000
      Blankets, 6' by 7 1/12' 40,000
      Sheets of 'Russian Sheeting' 6' by 7 1/2' 36,000
      Paliasses of 'Oznaburg' 6' by 7 1/2' 18,000
      Bolsters of 'Oznaburg' 1 1/2' by 4 1/2' 18,000

      Richard Feltoe

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