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  • Five Rivers
    Oct 2 4:19 PM
      To any of you who were expecting to see Gary and I (Five Rivers
      Chapmanry) at Faire at the Forks in Chatham this weekend, I'm going to have
      to disappoint you. Gary has severely injured his back today, to the point
      the poor man can barely walk. We're going up to the hospital this evening,
      hopefully, to have it looked it.

      Having said that, with me so arthritic, and now with Gary down for the
      count, it is going to be impossible for us to pack the 2000 pounds of
      equipment for our encampment, let alone think about unloading, setting up,
      working all weekend, and then packing up just to bring it all home and
      unload and unpack. Not going to happen.

      So, apologies all. I'm hoping this thing isn't severe, or chronic.

      And my double apologies for taking up band-width with personal items.

      Five Rivers Chapmanry ~ purveyors of quality hand-crafted cooperage
      fine hand-sewn embroidered garments, historical sewing patterns & embroidery
      (519) 799-5577, fax (519) 799-5418 http://www.5rivers.org email:
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