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  • Raymond Hobbs
    Oct 1, 2002
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      If it comes to mud pies at forty yards, Drum Major. I'll be your
      second. Talbot had connections with County Ofally, Ireland, where the
      little village of Birr was situated. Among some of his earliest
      immigrants came the Hobbses of County Ofally, and they settled north of
      London, Ontario, changed the name of the hamlet of Hughesville, to
      Birr. Check the graveyard - there are over thirty Hobbs graves there.
      These Hobbses came to Ireland in the 17th century from the Gloucester
      and Wiltshire region of England - same seedbed as my ancestors.
      James Hobbs owned half the county.
      Richard Hobbs, of Bleak House, Middlesex County, Ontario was a
      'haggis-bashing serfs' my *%$#! Oh, the horror, the horror!
      Raymond Hobbs
      41st Regt.

      Ross Flowers wrote:

      > " haggis-bashing serfs."
      > If you were a gentleman, I'd make you eat grass!
      > Ross
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