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  • badger222ca
    Oct 1, 2002
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      --- In WarOf1812@y..., "Chewie" <bkba21788@b...> wrote:
      > Well aint that just the trouble with a good name . everybody ends
      up using it .
      > Chewie
      > unit commander
      > 50th West Kent Regiment Re Enactment Unit
      > " not a good looking bunch , but devilish steady"

      >Ho, ho, most satirical.
      It reminds me of when I took a course at the University of Western
      Ontario, in London, Canada. The lecturer was Gerald S. Graham, naval
      historian at the University of London, England.
      He declared London, Ontario, the most Imperial city he had ever seen.
      Every street, he said, seemed to have its Old London counterpart. It
      made for a lot of confusion when he was communicating with his
      colleagues back home. You really must see it for yourself. Why not
      bring your mob over for a visit to one of our events. Longwoods is
      right outside London and next year they are planning a big
      extravaganza in the London area for the bicentennial of the Talbot
      settlement by that old rogue Col. Thomas Talbot and his bogtrotting
      and haggis-bashing serfs.

      Pte. Timothy Avery
      Volunteer Battalion, Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
      `The Redcoat Ploughboys'
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