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    Sep 3 8:02 PM
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      > Would
      > they have served dismounted, or is there another unit I'm
      > forgetting? Anyone?

      In Ross's dispatch to Earl Bathurst after the battle, he expresses his thanks
      to a Captain Mitchell of the Royal Artillery for bringing the guns into
      action along with Captain Deacon's rocket brigade as well as the Marine
      Rocket Corps. He also thanks a Captain Lempriere, also Royal Artillery, for
      mounting a small detachment of Royal Arillery drivers. In the casualty
      report, there is no mention of Royal Horse Artillery; just Royal Artillery, 6
      rank and file wounded, and Royal Marine Artillery, 1 rank and file killed, 1
      Segeant wounded.

      Rest assured there were horses at Bladensburg. In "Subaltern in America",
      the author (Glieg?) mentions that horses for the General and staff were
      landed but none for the artillery (though there were drivers). Ross's
      casualty report also lists 10 horses killed: 4 from General Staff; 4 from
      Royal Artillery; 1 from the 4th and 1 from the 85th! There were an
      additional 8 horses wounded from the Royal Artillery.

      If Ross was meticulous enough to list horses and a sergeant wounded from the
      6th West India Regiment, he would have certainly mentioned the RHA had they
      been there!

      He even mentions Lt-Col Mullens of the 44th!

      Ed Seufert, LCpl
      1812 Royal Marines
      1st Co/2nd Batt RM

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