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15123officer's gorget - engraved or stamped?

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  • Arnt family
    Jul 5, 2002
      As most of you know, the officer's gorget changed before the outbreak
      of war from the stamped out kind (RevWar period and beyond) to the
      engraved version that came into play before 1812. Both were valid for
      officers depending on when he got his commission. I am not sure when
      the change was made from stamped out to engraved, does anyone on this
      list know?

      The officer I portray, James Crooks, received his commission May 13,
      1807. I am not sure whether to get the stamped out kind or the
      engraved. It depends on when that switch of style was made. Anyone
      with info on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
      Fear God, Honour the King.
      Calvin Arnt.

      F&I: James' Coy, Roger's Rangers.
      RevWar: McDonnell's Coy, Butler's Rangers.
      1812: Crooks' Coy, Lincoln Militia 1st Reg't, Flank Company.
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