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15095Re: border-jumping with muskets

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  • giiir
    Jul 1, 2002
      --- In WarOf1812@y..., johnvs64j@n... wrote:
      > List,
      > Here's the "official" word from the BATF website:
      > 25. Q. I am a nonimmigrant alien. Do I need a form 6 import permit
      to import a muzzle loading gun that is considered an antique firearm
      under the Gun Control Act?
      > A. No. Because antique firearms are not considered firearms for
      purposes of the Gun Control Act, none of the import regulations apply
      to the importation of antique firearms. Moreover, nonimmigrant aliens
      may possess antique firearms, even if the alien does not fall within
      an exception to the nonimmigrant alien prohibition. If you are not
      sure if your firearm is an antique firearm as defined by the Gun
      Control Act, contact ATF's Firearms Technology Branch (202-927-7910).
      > --John V.
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