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14520Re: The Battle of Longwoods Event

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  • gord_1812
    May 11, 2002
      --- In WarOf1812@y..., "Larry Lozon" <lalozon@n...> wrote:
      > From: "gord_1812" <gord1812@n...>
      > Wouldn't the anouncer be on duty and have to
      > wear issue head dress?
      > ..................
      > Gord,
      > Documentation tells us that the 1st
      Regiment Kent
      > Militia
      > were allotted green wool, but receipt of uniforms cannot be
      > The 41st transferred Officers and NCOs to the Kents, and as well
      > the capture of Detroit some were issued cast off 41st's coats. Thus
      > Kents went into battle with a mish-mash of civilian and military
      kit. My kit
      > was a civilian hat (documented from 1779-1816) Upper Canada Militia
      > Sergeant's coat, 41st Regt. sash, grey wool trousers, grey wool
      > buckled shoes-straight last. Which agrees with documentation on the

      Thanks for the update.

      > Now good, Sir, shall we inspect your kit to whether it meats the

      Sure anytime...You bring the beer.

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