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  • BritcomHMP@xxx.xxx
    May 31, 1999
      In a message dated 5/31/99 10:14:53 AM Central Daylight Time,
      shirst@... writes:

      << It is my suggestion that the cheapest thread would be an undyed raw type,
      probably something like unbleached linen which was more readily available
      in England than cotton. Even when bought in bulk I'm sure it would be
      cheaper to buy a raw colour than one that has been died to match with a
      specific lace. Again just speculation as I really have no source or proof
      but I think a good speculation all the same. I also know an invisible
      stitch that was common back then so it is possible to make a white thread
      line invisible on ANY other colour. Most of my Glengarry coat is hand
      stitched with natural thread and you can't see it anywhere. >>

      Oh certainly It can be done, the whole of my undress staff uniform has
      natural thread in it (apart from the red buttonhole twist) including the
      blind stitching on the lapels and you are right, it cant be seen.
      What I am saying is that IF the sealed pattern called for coloured thread
      (and since the fire in the Tower of London in the 1830s [?] destroyed most of
      them we will probably never know) that is what the contractors would have had
      to use or get the things thrown back at them.
      However it occurs to me that in Canada are a few original ORs coats from the
      period so a quick look at them will answer the point immediately!


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