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  • manipi1812
    Mar 20, 2002
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      I recently purchased a book (The Peninsular Journal 1808-1817) from a
      chap in New Zealand. His father collected military figures (54mm?)
      and books to go along with this interest. His son is selling these
      now that his father died. I know there are several members of this
      list that collect these figures and there are probably several others
      that would like to add some of these books to your library. I have
      several already and I'm a bit tight on cash at the moment so I
      thought I'd throw out the offer to members of this list. I'm not
      sure what he has for figures and sizes but the books he is offering

      "Let me know if you want any of the below.
      Regards Jan.

      1 An assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers and Uniforms by Michael Glover
      Pub. Perpetua Press 1973 London UK
      ISBN 0.903070.04.9
      condition very good, slightly torn papercover

      2 Richard Simkin's uniforms of the British Arny, The Infantry
      Regiments by W Carman
      Pub Webb and Bower Ltd. 1985
      ISBN 0.86350.031.5
      Condition Excellent

      3 Richard Simkins Unifrms of the British Army The Cavalry Regiments
      by W Carman
      Pub Webb and Bower Ltd. 1982
      ISBN 0.906671.13.2
      Condition Excellent

      4 British Military Uniforms 1768-96 By Hew Strachan
      Pub Arms and Armour Press London UK 1975
      ISBN 85368.349.2
      Condition Excellent

      5 Uniforms of the World A Compenduim of Army, Navy and Airforce
      uniforms 1700-1937
      Revised and brought up to date and enlarged by Herbert Knotel Jr,
      and Herbert Sieg.
      Pub Charles Scribner's Son NY 1980
      ISBN 0.684.16304.7
      Condition Excellent

      6 European Military Uniforms A Short History by Paul Martin
      Pub Spring Books London UK 1967
      Condition Excellent

      7 British Military Uniforms from Contemporary Pictures by W Carman
      Pub The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd 1968
      Condition good, paperjacket slightly torn

      8 Blandford Military Uniforms of the World in Colour Edited by
      William Carman
      Pub Blandford Press Ltd UK 1968
      ISBN 7137.0482.9
      Condition some damage to inside pages

      9 Blandford Encyclopaedia in Colour Infantry Uniforms Book Two by
      Robert and Christopher Wilkinson-Latham
      Pub Blandford Press 1970
      ISBN 0.7137.0525
      Condition Excellent

      14 Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars in Colour 1796-1814 Text by Philip
      Pub 1973 Blandford Press UK
      ISBN 0.7137.0527.8
      Condition Excellent

      15 FrenchArmy Regiments and uniforms from the revolution to 1870 by W
      Pub 1969 Anrs and Arnour Press UK
      ISBN 85368.015.9
      Condition very good.

      17 Uniforms of the Retreat from Moscow 1812 by Pholop Haythornthwaite
      Pub Blandford Press Ltd. UK 1976
      Condition Excellent

      19 Battledress The uniforms of the World's Great Armies 1700 to the
      present Edited by I Schick
      Pub Peerage Books London UK 1983
      ISBN 0.907408.72.9
      Condition Excellent

      20 L'uniforme et Les Armes Des Soldats Du Premier Empire 1 by Liliane
      et Fred Funcken
      Pub Casterman 1968
      Condition Poor

      21 L'uniforme et Les Armes Des Soldats Du Premier Empire 2 by Liliane
      et Fred Funcken
      Pub Casterman 1968
      Condition Poor

      24 Military Uniforms of Britain and The Empire by Major R Brnes
      Pub Sphere Books 1972 UK
      Condition Excellent (paperback)

      25 Blandford Warriors and Weapons 3000 B.C. to 1700 A.D. in Colour by
      Niels M Saxthrph
      Pub Blandford Press Ltd 1972
      ISBN 0.7137.0735.6
      Condition Excellent

      26 Blandford Colour Series Cavalry Uniforms of Britain and the
      Commonwealth including other mounted troops by Robert and Christopher
      Pub Blandford Press UK 1969
      ISBN 0.7137.0134.X
      Condition Excellent

      28 French Napoleonic Artillery by Michael Head
      Pub Almark Pub. Co. Ltd. UK 1970
      ISBN 0.85524.011.3
      Condition good

      29 Regiments at Waterloo by Rene North
      Pub Almark Pub Co. Ltd 1970
      ISBN 0.85524.025.3
      Condition poor

      31 Uniforms of the FrenchForeign Legion 1831-1981 by Martin Windrow
      Pub artillery House London UK 1986
      ISBN 0.7137.19141
      Condition Excellent

      31 TheRussian Army 1800- 1815 by George Nafziger
      Pub Rafm Co Inc. Canada 1983


      His messages to me was:


      "To : Thomas Lawrence" <manipi@...>

      Subject : Book on its way

      Hi Tom, I received your money order today and sent the book also
      today, you should have it within the week. I have also enclosed some
      titles of books we have for sale here. I asked about you collecting
      soldiers, as my father who passed away last May collected model
      soldiers and military books relating to his particular periods of
      interest for over 40 years. We now have a large selection of fairly
      unusual books and model soldiers to sell. My father had friends who
      like yourself would reenact different periods of battles, I never met
      these men but Dad had photos of them. Are any of the books here of
      interest to you? I also have other lists which I will try and send
      you, I am abit of a bunny with this computer, trying to learn but am
      technology challenged....."

      If you are interested please contact him at his email address:


      The postage from NZ is a bit steep but not too bad.

      Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in posting this. I am only
      trying to assist Jan and members of this list. If I am in error,
      please advise and I will refrain in the future. Also, be aware it's
      probably 'first email, first served!'
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