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13537Re: the 19th's service - 1811 trip

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  • ebclemson
    Jan 31, 2002
      --- In WarOf1812@y..., "union47th" <union47th@y...> wrote:

      A Journal for part of the Wilson Price Hunt trip in 1811 is the John Bradbury journal. He publisd it in 1819 under the title of "TRAVELS IN THE INTERIOR OF AMERICA.." Bradbury was an English botanist who came to America to study cotton production but spent his time in the St. Louis area instead. His journal is still in print, as a 1986 Bison Book edition reprint of the 1904 Reuben Thwaites publication. ISBN- 0-8032-6076-8 Paperback. This book is also great in describing farms, plants, georaphy, St. Louis, Militia,etc.etc. in 1810 and 1811. He also describes customs of several Indian tribes, from the Osage to the Mandans to the Teton Sioux. Dave Bennett, 1st U.States Infantry and Missouri Rangers.

      > --- In WarOf1812@y..., "Annette and Lloyd" <agower@b...> wrote:
      > > In reply to the 1811 trip using the Lewis &Clark route west , are
      > their
      > > notes or journels by Wilson Price Hunt about his journey ? I would
      > be
      > > interested in reading them.
      > > agower@b...
      > Part of it is online at the American Mountain Men site. It has a
      > further bibliograhy there. The url is:
      > http://www.xmission.com/~drudy/mtman/html/huntintr.html
      > Kevin Lindsey
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