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  • union47th
    Jan 15, 2002
      Greetings all,

      Per your moderators request I thought I would post a brief intro. I am
      not an 1812 reenactor, but I am a lifelong student of American
      history ( I have my degree in it, although I no longer work in that
      field). I specialized in the American Civil War, but over the last
      decade or so I have been fascinated by the War of 1812. I have read
      (and own) many books and articles on it, attended several
      reenactments, and visited many historic sites in our area. Living in
      Michigan, I am particuarly interested in the events in the Old
      Northwest. We live in an 1850's house we have been restoring. We are
      very involved in our local museum, where we portray a family from the
      era of our house. I am also a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of
      the Civil War. But more than enough about me. What caused me to delurk
      is to make people aware (as I didn't see it on the calendar) of the
      River Raisin Battlefield Annual Commemoration Ceremony that will take
      place this Sunday (January 20th) on the battleground at the Visitor
      Center. The url for more information is:

      Kevin Lindsey
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