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13150Re: [WarOf1812] RN greatest fear?

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  • David S. Mallinak
    Dec 31 12:00 AM
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      Armchairadm@... wrote:
      > While, as far as I know, there was no attempt by the US to acquire Fr. SoL's
      > during the War of 1812, there was a distinct possibility that several Fr. 40
      > gun Frigates could have been acquired from the Fr. during the Chesapeake /
      > Leopard Affair in 1807. Two or three such ships were in US ports during the
      > ensuing crisis. They would have made an interesting and valuable addition to
      > the USN if war had broken out.

      I believe some of the French 48 that were were installed in the
      batteries along the water at Fort McHenry, were from a French ship.
      Gave the British a nice surprise and caused them to withdraw to limit
      or their range. Probable the reason that the British bombardment was
      so ineffective.

      Your humble and obedient servant,
      David S Mallinak
      5th Md Militia
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